For many, summer can be one of the most impactful times of a young career, since it affords the opportunity to play in front of many college and professional scouts – scouts that may not come around often the rest of the year. Now that we are in the thick of the summer baseball season, I thought it would be beneficial to go over a few points that will help you make the most of your summer season.

Team-First, Even in the Summer:

It is important to remember that, although the summer is about exposure, the same team-concept should still apply – just like any other season. Simply put, teams that are successful in tournaments play more games. The more games they play, the more exposure the team gets on the whole. This benefits the individuals, right? Having great performances in a tournament is crucial, don’t get me wrong, but in the long run you must still be team oriented to have the highest potential for exposure.

Prepare and Hustle Like It’s Spring:

It’s imperative to prepare for each summer game just like it is a spring game. Every tournament that I go to I see many players who nonchalantly stroll up to the field, go through the motions during pre-game, and then expect to still go 3-for-4 with a pair of doubles and a home-run. Always put preparation before expectation. Prepare like each game is the finals. And, hustle the same way. Scouts will see it, and it will put you in the optimum position to be successful.

Strength Training Should Be Just as Important as Exposure:

Finally, don’t forget that the summer is not all about playing. For most players, you will be playing a handful of tournaments throughout the summer, but will be home for a week or two at a time all throughout. With no school or any of the usual responsibilities that you have the rest of the year, summer is the ultimate time to begin your strength training program. Summer workouts will help you repair and recover all that was lost in the spring, as well as build the foundation for next year.

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