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Ryan Faer

Ryan Faer is a high school baseball & strength coach, certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), and author of The 6-Tool Player Blog ( ). Ryan has served as Strength Coach & Assistant-Pitching Coach on the high school level for three years, and has previously spent over six months as an Assistant-Intern for Strength & Conditioning at a Division-I university.

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Travel Ball

For many, summer can be one of the most impactful times of a young career, since it affords the opportunity to play in front of many college and professional scouts – scouts that may not come around often the rest of the year. Now that we are in the thick of

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Most high school (and many college-level) pitchers don’t have the knowledge of what to do in order to properly prepare for a start on the mound come game-day. But, this knowledge could mean the difference between feeling “okay” and feeling “great”, having a short outing and making a quality start,

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High SchoolTravel Ball

If you are reading anything on RecruitingCycle, it is highly likely that you extremely committed to achieving success in the game of baseball. This is great, and I commend you for taking the initiative to seek information online to better your game. But, I would like to take some time

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I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work for a terrific high school baseball program that competes at the highest level of competition in the state of Florida, as well as train D-I collegiate athletes on an everyday basis for almost a full academic year. With that being said, I

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