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The Recruiting Cycle is looking to add contributing writers in order to expand the content we offer to our readers.  We are looking for anyone who is interesting in adding to the conversation on these topics:


  • Baseball Specific Training:  The demand for baseball training knowledge is very high, whether it be weightlifting, speed and agility, or injury prevention.  We would love to extend our content to these topics, and are looking for a fitness professional willing to do so.
  • Travel/ High School Baseball:  We would like to hear from coaches of any age level, as well as even players or parents who want to share their experiences.  Can be regarding practices, tournaments, parent/coach relations, or any insight into the travel/ high school baseball world.
  • College Baseball:  College baseball offers a treasure trove of information and content, whether it be the during fall workouts, collegiate summer leagues, or the spring season and tournament.  We are looking for players, coaches, or even dedicated fans to share their knowledge.


Anyone who may be interested in writing about any of these topics, please contact us via email at


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