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College BaseballRecruiting

Looking at the process as a whole, college athletics recruiting is a sort of conundrum. The more you try to make sense of it, the less sense it seems to make. On the one hand, it seems very objective, just a function of a player’s statistics or physical characteristics. On

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High SchoolOff the FieldRecruiting

As the Labor Day weekend passes and students return to school across the country, most young athletes have completed their summer seasons and will be soon preparing for the fall.  After of all the time, effort, and hard work put in over the course of the summer, it is crucial

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At the most, the top 1% of high school players across the country have enough outstanding talent that they can get to the next level without much effort on their own.  They are the kid that everyone tries to get on their team, and have pretty much get recruited from

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College Baseball

After decades of playing, coaching, and watching baseball, this has to be one of the craziest and most unsportsmanlike plays I have ever seen. Regardless of the backstory during the game or the history between teams, tackling an unsuspected runner is never justifiable. If you feel the need to retaliate

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High School

Earlier this month, eight members of the Titusvile High School baseball team in Titusville, FL were suspended and kicked off of the team for producing a ‘Harlem Shake’ video at the school’s baseball field and then posting it to YouTube.  If you are not aware of what the ‘Harlem Shake’

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