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Tournament and playoff play, especially in college baseball, is always riveting and exciting.  The common theme in all of those games was execution! The word is used all of the time in baseball and rightly so- the game is based upon it- whether on the mound, in the field or

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The Golden Rule

There are certain rules that pertain to every player throughout the baseball recruiting process, do’s and dont’s that can be a very positive or negative influence on a player’s chance to be recruited by any school. These are our top ten ‘Golden Rules’ that every player, and their parents, should

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With all of the various options for teams and leagues now available, youth baseball is full of conflicts throughout the spring in every age group.  In places like Florida and California where baseball is played year around, this also applies to the fall/winter.  At the lower age groups there are

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College BaseballHigh SchoolTravel Ball

The matchup between pitchers and hitters always comes down to execution. As the pitcher toes the rubber he has a game plan of how he is going to attack each hitter he is going to face that day: Confidence Disrupt timing get to advantage counts (0-2,1-2) Take notice of each

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College BaseballRecruiting

In our previous article Why There Is Still Time to Be Recruited, we discussed the importance of young players who want to play at the next level keeping an open mind when searching for the right program.  Not everyone is lucky enough to play at their short list of dream

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