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Travel Ball

For many, summer can be one of the most impactful times of a young career, since it affords the opportunity to play in front of many college and professional scouts – scouts that may not come around often the rest of the year. Now that we are in the thick of

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In today’s day and age people have become so consumed with themselves they sometimes forget to find purpose in what they do on a daily basis. The same goes for sports in the age of the pre Madonna athlete who is more consumed with the amount of money in their

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Off the Field

Having played on teams my whole life, I have a problem with former players who come out and throw former teammates under the bus. First, Jose Canseco and now Eric Gagne- both once great players who subjected to writing books about their careers. These books are a most telling stories

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Rain Delay
College BaseballOff the Field

Often times we talk about the mental game of baseball always thinking ahead, the chess matches between managers, pitchers, hitters. The offseason work that is done in order to be the best player that you can possibly be. But for all of those hours hitting in the cage, lifting, fall

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My Role Is
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In baseball the team that executes is the team that is going to win. Knowing your role as a player will help you become the best player that you can be. As players we all have special and unique skill sets, some have power, speed, power and speed, instincts the

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