If you are reading anything on RecruitingCycle, it is highly likely that you extremely committed to achieving success in the game of baseball. This is great, and I commend you for taking the initiative to seek information online to better your game.

But, I would like to take some time to stress to you the importance of setting your priorities into proper alignment – keeping it all in perspective. Having your life in balance will not only improve your quality of life off of the field, but it is garaunted to create a strong foundation to hold your baseball career.

This is why I have created the “Athlete’s Priority Pyramid”, which helps illustrate how to properly stack your priorities as an athlete. Below is a post from my site The 6-Tool Player Blog:

Athletes Priority Pyramid_edited-1
The Athlete’s Priority Pyramid – by Ryan Faer

Block #1: The Foundation – Family & Faith

The first block is your foundation. It is what holds the rest of your priorities. Your foundation is your faith and family – your support system.

  • Faith – For any believers, when tragedy strikes or when times get hard, prayer and faith are the answer. If you are a believer I should not have to explain the importance of faith any further, and if you are not a believer I’m sure that you’d rather I don’t.
  • Family – When things in life get tough, you always need a rock. No matter what your family make-up is, having people in your life that care and love you unconditionally provides the greatest support system.

Together, love from faith and/or family, alone – without anything else in life – can conquer anything life might throw at us.

Block #2 – Health & Growth

Your own personal health and growth should be next in line. This includes your own well-being (physical, mental, emotional health) and your intellectual growth.

  • Health – Using drugs or abusing alcohol is not only dangerous to your career but hazardous to your health. Eating, hygienic, and behavioral habits are also crucial to your well-being. If you can’t stay healthy, don’t count on living a long life, let alone having a long baseball career.
  • Intellectual Growth – As an amateur ballplayer, your academics are your sole priority outside of family and faith. If you don’t take care of school, good luck making it to the next level and beyond in baseball. If you can’t maintain an eligible GPA, what does it matter if you bat .350?

Block #3 – Community

Community, or “giving back”, should be next in your Priority Pyramid.

As an athlete, it is imperative that you realize your influence on those around you. You have an incredible platform as an athlete. Even as a young athlete, people look to see what you say and do. You can have a profound impact on others.

For more on your platform as an athlete ->“Breaking the Mold – Using Your Platform as an Athlete” <-

By helping and influencing others in some way you can leave a lasting legacy and change the world for the better. That, on top of Faith, family, and personal health & growth will lead to a very rewarding and enriched life by themselves.

Block #4: The Apex – Athletic Career

The other parts of your pyramid – without baseball – would lead you to be a well-rounded, healthy and intelligent individual with a lot of deep and personal connections with family, friends, your God, and the community. I don’t think any humble and grounded person could ask for much more than that, right?

Baseball is just the cream on top. Baseball is a game. And, if you are blessed with the opportunity to play this game, you are beyond fortunate. Always keep that perspective.

Take-Home points:

  • Always remember to build your priorities from the bottom up, starting from what is most important and finishing with the what you can, in fact, live without.
  • If built properly, your Priority Pyramid should still sustain a quality life even as you take blocks off from the top.
  • Keep it proportional. If you want to make baseball a larger priority, so too do your other priorities have to grow. The base of the pyramid must be able to hold the apex.
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