Geoff Miller of the Winning Mind LLC is the mental skills coach for the Atlanta Braves. He recently wrote a post about the hidden pressures of travel ball, Geoff is one of the best in his field and has a wealth of knowledge to share including a book that he released in August. I have had the privileged of speaking with Geoff and recommend you check out this post and his book as the mental side of the game is so important. below is an excerpt and link to his blog:


The Hidden Pressure of Travel Ball

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Here’s a scenario I see often in my work with high school athletes: A parent calls me because his or her son is a talented baseball player, but he’s not living up to his potential.  He’s playing on a travel baseball team, he has a private pitching coach, takes weekly hitting lessons, sees a personal trainer, and plays in showcases around the country, too.  He gets good grades, has created a profile on a recruiting web site, attends college baseball camps up and down the state, and has hopes to earn a college scholarship and/or be drafted by a Major League team next summer.  He’s been the best player on his teams growing up, throws hard, hits for power, runs well, and loves the game, but lately, he can’t throw strikes, can’t stop striking out, and he doesn’t want to talk about any of it after the game.

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