A question we often get asked is do I or should I contact college coaches? The answer is yes! College coaches cannot identify every player there just simply isn’t enough time. The next question asked is what do I say? When contacting college coaches there is no right or wrong answer into what you say in your message or call. Simply it will be different for each person based on their situation, what they are want the message to convey, what information they ask for, etc. There are certain things you can adhere by to make sure your message is read ad responded to:

1. Short & concise:  College coaches have a lot on their plate from administrative duties, practice, meetings and recruiting. The longer your message the better chance you have of losing that coaches attention span. Be concise and to the point, introduction, what you are contacting for, info on yourself. They will appreciate the respect you have for their time and the time you take to contact them.

2. Email or phone: Emails are always great introductory messages, if you have never spoken to a coach before or received correspondence from a school email is your best choice as they will be able to get back to you very quickly. Phone calls are a huge part in the recruiting process but can be hit or miss for a prospect when he is initiating the phone contact. If you are not at the permissible calling grade in high school (year differs for each sport) a college coach can answer your call, but cannot call you back if he misses the phone call. This makes email more optimal when you are first getting to know a coach and program.

3. Ask for & send information: Make sure you are asking for information on the school, when camps are and practices the public are allowed to attend. Showing coaches you are interested in the university and program is what you want your message to convey. You also want to make sure that you send information on yourself within your message, travel teams you play on, schedule, tournaments you will be attending. More information they have on you better chance for them to see you play.

Don’t be afraid to contact coaches as they want to hear from prospects. Make sure these messages are coming from you, it’s great for your parents to help you craft the email but make sure you are having input into what is said. Take ownership of this process and you will see results along with knowing you are putting your best foot forward.

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